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Tiny Pantry

cole's reflective backpack

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The Supereflective Backpack by Cole Keller. This was the project that really taught me (Cole, Isabel's brother) most of the skills that were instrumental on the Isaware mugs as well as the design of the Tiny Pantry cookbook (also, making this website, etc). All product design, photography, sourcing and graphic design proved to be an incredible learning experience. The Supereflective Backpack represents the first product I ever completed and brought to market. It was such a valuable journey and learning experience, and to this day I am proud of the result.

What you are looking at is the last remaining inventory from the first and only production run of The Supereflective Backpack. Once these are sold out it will never be available again. To this day I still believe this is the overall best available retro-reflective consumer safety product on the market.

I'm listing these here at a deeply discounted rate because I'd love to free up the space they are taking up in my parents' basement (sorry mom and dad). I intend to use the proceeds to finish my tiny house build :).

Description - 

Supereflective means uncompromising visibility. Our flagship product is used by cyclists, athletes, students, pedestrians, and more on a daily basis. This backpack proves that heightened prominence can be achieved without having to sacrifice the benefits of a great daily use backpack. Ample features, an understated design, and thoughtful integration of unique and proprietary materials assure that this backpack will turn heads when it matters most.

  • Polyurethane fabric with a rugged 600-denier nylon base paired with YKK counter-drive zippers aid in a long product lifespan. 
  • Highly retroreflective polyurethane ensures any-angle visibility without having to sacrifice durability or functionality.
  • A unique padded air suspension system + wireframe provide load distribution and airflow.
  • 20 liter capacity with 15" padded laptop and tablet sleeves.
  • Waterproof fabric + water-resistant hardware.
  • Manufactured in Southern China

In stock and will ship in 1-3 business days. Once these are sold out, they will never be available again.

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